Christmas 2012

  12/7 "We Care" Christmas lights display!




Blurry, but it's a fire-breathing dragon. :)









  12/15 Oh Christmas Tree and Winter Wonderland!



A goodbye hug for the tree we didn't pick...






Nice Face.  ;)



There's a more pleasant one...





Hot chocolate yum...








Sleeping in the living room by the tree...








  Christmas at Home

Watching for Grandma & Grandpa to arrive!


Guys working on tablets


Mom & Kaylee in a Nerf War




Stocking and one crazy robe. ;)


Steve found coal in his stocking, but I didn't do it!


The cats had their own drugs to play with all day too. ;)



Nom nom nom



Kaylee gave me some lovely jewelry



Manly Christmas gift


Grandma gets a Giant Chocolate Turtle






Kid attacks grandparents.  :)


Merry Christmas! :O



Go outside and play in the snow a little...


See how deep it is?





Kaylee & Grandma


Yeah, keep those cold lips away from me!




Makin' Cookies!




(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 1/03/13)