Mountain View, Arkansas

8/3/12 - 8/5/12

Our first meal in Mt. View, at a place on the river called "Anglers".


Mom & Kaylee are down on the grassy area playing at Angler's.  Lovely view!


Steve checking out the view



There used to be a ferry that crossed the river before that bridge was built.



Kaylee & Grandma skipping stones on the river.


Kaylee at Anglers


Just a swingin'.



Kaylee & Grandma swinging


The cabins at sunset


Ernie on the porch


"Mountain View" tower




On this porch, a small group was pickin' and singin' and dancin' and stompin'.


At the park there were three gazeboes.  Each gazebo had a different group playing, and folks would move their chair to whichever group they wanted to listen to.  Groups varied from gospel to comedy to country to a mix.


This was the most popular group, excellent musicians who had quite a crowd



This was a group of folks who swapped around instruments with each other, took turns singing, and just were having a great time doing it.



On to the Ozark Folk Center.  This lady was demonstrating candles, beeswax and how to make them, fun facts, etc.


Steve and Ernie checking out the rifle store with the man who hand builds and repairs rifles.


Kaylee's in the school house.  We decided, upon reading the rules for teachers back in 1915, that neither of us would have made it.


An excellent example of a root cellar to check out, minus the spiders.


Just being silly.


Basket making...


Steve & Kaylee checking out some of the goods


Fake feeding the fish by waving their arms around.  Not sure that's so nice.


Mom & Ernie on a garden tour of herbs and plants


Painting copper with heat.


The pieces are hard to see the color/detail here, but they're just beautiful, all painted only with fire.


These guys played music and provided comedy for whomever was stopping by.


The copper was so neat, Kaylee went back with Grandma to show her, too.


See the butterfly she's "painting"?


Just watching...


Making glass creations was also really neat to watch.



Pottery, bowls, cups.  She's making a cup while answering questions



Waiting on the porch for me...


Kaylee with Ma and Pa Pioneer.  ;)


Steve makes a lovely lady! 



I'm not much better.  ;)



Steve & Kaylee on the swing driven by a donkey.


Mom & Ernie on the swings


And there is either Whiskey or Tango, the donkey giving us a ride.


Kaylee got to pet and give him a treat.


The printer.  Also a neat area.


Watching the printer explain what he's doing


Quilting, by hand, the real way, with a lady who was very good at it.


Kaylee's looking at some fabric


Cooper, the barrel place


Steve & Mom looking at some of the tools




At the clothing shop, the sign says "Don't touch", so she just touched the sign...


Kaylee with another interesting family.  ;)


Steve, Ernie and Patty on the bench at the zip line/treetop adventure area.


Kaylee harnessed up and ready to zip.



And away she goes!



Look at her face as she's staring at me.  :D


Off into the trees!



Now I'm signing up to go zipping too...


So did Mom--there she goes!


Me getting hooked up to go too.  Three generation zip lining today.  :)


The view from "JoJo's", another restaurant on the river.


Kaylee with more fish


And a rose


Ernie and the view at JoJo's.



Patty, Kaylee, Laura.


Self-explanatory. ;)



A pretty view driving around...



Going to the concert at the Ozark Folk Center



This was Mike Snider and  Group?  Really funny, very talented, very enjoyable!


By our cabin, a farewell photo op.



Goodbye cabin...



Flying home in the Aerostar.


Goofing off, of course!


I'd say these three are self-explanatory too.  ;)




(Fun Family Photos Updated 8/5/12)