Kentucky Lake

M34, "Take Your Licks", 6/15/12 - 6/17/12

We just arrived at the docks, at sunset.


A better view of the sunset--I was making her laugh.  ;)



Kaylee, Grandpa and her uncle's dad out on "Red-Green".



Kaylee and her cousin J coloring.


Captain Kaylee


J hanging on to Henry the dog, who I doubt was supposed to be up there.



Aunt Cindy, Gayle, Dad, Mr. West, Uncle Rick, Uncle Christopher, the back of Aunt Christie's head, and Steve with my iPad.  :)


Kaylee and her cousin holding hands on the dock


Ready to go!



Just catching a few rays while we slowly motored out to a cove.


On deck...


Watching the birds


Top Deck= no splash


Swinging around in the cove.


Kaylee, adrift in the vast lake.  ;)



I think that's a Lotus pose or something...




Uncle Chris & J join Kaylee in the water


And Daddy too.






Gone Fishin'.


I don't think they caught anything this time.


But they looked cute while they did it.  :)




Back out on Red Green, this time with Grandma & Grandpa and J.




Happy Father's Day!


Nice "rock horns", Kaylee.  ;)  Going out on a speed boat to go tubing with a friend's family.


Let the tubing adventures begin...


On my way home, by Indianapolis around 10:30 p.m.



(Fun Family Photos Updated 6/18/12)