Laura's 40th Birthday

Kokomo, IN  Photos by Laura, Ernie & Justin, interspersed.

The Mustang all prettied up.  ;)





A bit of an overhead view...





One of my presents--20 gallons of 100LL. It's so beautiful! ;)


The T-6 all prettied up too.






Marsha & Judy start lighting the 40 candles on that little cake.



Then Ann has to step in and help to get the job finished.


Steve leads me in blind.  I figured the kids and our small group was there.


I was surprised.  ;)



Steve pulls out the fire extinguisher to help with all that fire...


Making a wish


Look at the cloud of smoke you can see on Steve's sweatshirt.










Steve T. cooking up some steaks



The cars by the hangar





The sun goes down on my 40th.  :)



(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 3/31/12)