Winding Creek Bluegrass Festival

Kokomo, IN 8/17/11


Walking up the path to the festival, with Kaylee giving it the "rock on" hand symbols. ;)


Follow the gray gravel road...



The log cabin where impromptu music would burst out, walking into the woods.



Steve's carrying our chairs, headed down to the music.




Group of folks sitting out listening to the bluegrass bands one after the other.



Free fresh steamed corn on the cob!



Rope lights in trees lighting it up as the sun goes down


Enjoying the tunes



As it got dark, they lit up the stage too...


Cruddy night photo on a bridge in a theater in the woods




Kaylee gets to drive a big John Deere tractor.


The driver's hands aren't on it-he let her do it, and that was really nice.


Thanks Mister-you ended a girl's evening with a smile!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)