Stants Family Reunion

Ft. Wayne, IN; July 4, 2008


Kaylee & Rania in the back of the car on the way to the reunion.




Rania, Kaylee & Tanner walking in.




The Lovely Miss Kay



Richard's sister Mary & her husband



Richard and Jim (who is putting his shirt on right there).  ;)


Richard gets his Lei



Jim gets his Lei

Tanner and Cathy


Tanner, Cathy and Kaylee


Kaylee, Rania, Tanner, Cathy & Richard.


The Cherrys.  :)



Rob and his fiancÚ Susan


Paul, Richard's brother Gerald, & Susan


Kaylee and Rania looking around...



The Food Line!



Kaylee, Rania, Tanner eating.  Lovely decorations!


Uncle Jim, Susan, Paul, & Uncle Gerald


The kids get to go do a scavenger hunt...


Tanner checking out his bag.



John, Susan, Richard, Paul & Rob.



Cathy, Phil & Valerie


There's one in every family.  ;)  This is Rob, in a worm-eating contest.


Richard & Tim




Rob getting into it.


Rob & Savannah


Tug-o-War with Tanner and Rania.


Their side won...


Brothers.  Gerald, Jim & Richard.


Cathy & Susan



Cathy & Valerie


Next is a Moon Pie eating contest.


Hard to beat with competition like that!


But Kaylee and Tanner are willing to give it a shot. ;)



Valerie & Family



Richard, Valerie, Jim, Mary & Gerald.




Richard, Jim, Gerald & Mary (siblings).





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)