Johnson Family Reunion

June 1, 2008

On our way there in the Saratoga


Kaylee has a great set-up back there.  Lots of room, dolls, games, and a headset with her own mic so she can sing to herself.


(My) Grandma holding the foot of her little Great-Great-Granddaughter Riley.


Kaylee playing the organ with one of her many cousins something removed.  :)  (Okay.  Ryan, my cousin Debbie's daughter Jennifer's son.  Whew!)


Kaylee playing a rousing card game with...cousins.  Linnea, who is my cousin Gerald's daughter.


Four-generation Photos.  Kaylee Stants, Hazel Johnson, Patty Chiles and Laura Stants


My Mom and Grandma have blue eyes, while Kaylee and I have the brown.


Four Stubborn Chicks.  ;)


Ernie takes the shot.


I took a few candid shots while they were posing, because this is more like it.  ;)


Grandma with her surviving kids.  Back row; Uncles: Shad, Marion, Olan, Meritt, Mike.  Front row: Mom, Grandma & Aunt Peggy.


Still cracking up.  ;)


Okay, "cheese".  See, aren't the candids better?  ;)  (And why is this picture crooked!?)


This young lady is Ashley (sorry, not sure of spelling).  She's a cousin who is about 6 months older than Kaylee, and when they were toddlers, they looked almost identical.


Really, though Ashley has the blue eyes and redder hair, there is still a good case for similarities here...

Well, we're on our way home now, and this young lady has it rough, passed out with a fuzzy blanket and a pillow.  :)  Until next year!




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)