Christmas Hangar Party

Nathan's Hangar; 12/23/07


Nathan's Hangar set up for the Christmas/Colts Party



The Cheyenne & the tables/tv/tree


The Christmas tree, Fireplace



Let the Festivities Begin.  :)


Kaylee "warming her hands" at the fireplace.



Well, it looks warm anyway!


Ernie & Steve watching the Pre-Game Stuff


Hannah asleep on her "pop"


An aerial view of some of the folks milling around and getting ready to eat.


Maggie & Kaylee eating


Kevin & Nathan D. as Purdue Santas.  ;)


Hannah, Maggie, Kaylee & ?
Kaylee's jumping up and down because she got a strike.


Kaylee in the hand-made pedal plane.


Ernie, Patty, Kevin, Tall James...Nathan.


Dawn, Janine, Judy, Holly, Hannah, Gwenie, Tre with the Group Birthday Cake.



Kevin & Nathan, "Bros", hanging out.


Kaylee and Maggie hugging goodbye.


Goofy Kaylee in her Colts Cheerleader Outfit.


Three Guys Staring at a Corvette.


The line-up for lunch.


More of the line-up for lunch.


Tre working non-stop on the food, Kaylee in the background.


Kevin, Steve and Nathan.


Ernie, Laura and Patty, talking and watching the game.


Gwenie, Maggie & Kaylee eating


Brad, Judy and Chuck.


Tre and Laura talking again.





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)