Eureka, Kansas

September 3, 2007

Grandma, Kaylee & the "wild" kitty outside who kept meowing for attention.



Sitting on Great-Grandma's front portch.



Kaylee & Kitty


Kaylee with her almost 92-year-old Great-Grandmother.


Kaylee and her Great-Aunt Peggy



Kaylee and Mom playing Uno.  Kaylee does very well at this game by the way.


Ah, Kaylee is quite pleased to see a "Draw Four" Wild Card in her hand!


Kaylee and Grandma Chiles in the back of the Baron on the way home.


Grandma & Kaylee...flying home.


A small line of clouds we came upon on the way home.


You can see the line starting up and then building from there.


Pretty day...





There's no way to visualize the size of build-ups and photos don't do it justice.  I descended a mile down from where I started and still wasn't below these.


Baron wing, pretty cloud...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)