The Cherry and Stants Families

July 1, 2007

Morgan lights a sparkler from the fire for Kaylee.



Morgan, Alonna & Tanner trying to light up.



Alonna & Morgan


Morgan & Alonna





Kaylee & Tanner



Daddy lights up Kaylee's sparkler, only to get burned by it.


Kaylee with her sparkler


Uncle Lon joins the festivities--can't you tell how thrilled he is?  :)


This was a "smiley" face in the grass, made by sparklers


The hunt for the left-over sticks in the dark.


The fireworks begin


Everybody watching the fireworks


The end of the fireworks


Lon & Steve, hard to see through the smoke of the fireworks, sitting by the fire and making little comments.


Kaylee smashes whipped cream in her face.


Tanner follows suit.


Next comes Ryan.


Together they make a ghostly pair.



The saga of the cats watching fireflies. Roadie is the Gray one, Dulcie the White/black one.







Ann shows Cathy & Alonna cruise pictures

And to end on the even-numbered photo, this is the pyramid.  Lon is behind, ducking down to try to stay out of the photo, while still providing cushioning in case that top tier decides to take a dive.  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)